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MailBee.NET Objects


Add the functionality of sending and receiving emails in your .NET applications

AfterLogic Corporation - August 10, 2020
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MailBee.NET Objects
Price: $299.00
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Integrating the service of sending and receiving emails in an application is a tough job. A developer cannot do everything on their own and create such a service. The components and libraries provided by MailBee.NET Objects allow for easy integration of such services into any .NET application.

The library can be easily installed using Nuget Package manager, and for an experienced programmer it is quite simple to implement. If you only want to send an email by using this library, you can do that by using only a single line of code.

Going into details, MailBee.NET Objects offers the support of various protocols and also supports the main security authentication processes. It supports Async processes, which makes it convenient for building scalable and responsive applications.

It is easily integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and is written in 100% managed code, supporting the latest versions of .NET frameworks. Emails can be retrieved in multiple formats and can be further processed to retrieve desirable information from them.

Developers can utilize HTML, XML and various other formats and even retrieve emails in PDF format. MailBee.NET Objects supports all the popular email services and servers such as Gmail, Office 365 and numerous others.

Another great thing about this components is that you do not have to immediately purchase them and you can try them out for 30 days for free. If you decide to purchase them, they can be purchased based on how many developers will use them and their price currently starts at 399$ for single developer license.

• Offers wide range of functionalities
• Easy to install and implement for an experienced developer
• Supports formatting in a number of different formats, including PDF
• Supports latest and most secure protocols
• Helpful site and detailed support documents
• Difficult to use for an inexperienced developer
• Quite expensive to buy
• Requires a clear understanding of .NET concepts


Minimum requirements

• .NET Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/4.6/4.7 (32-bit and 64-bit, Xamarin Mono, .NET Core, UWP)

Limitations in the unregistered version

• Stops working after 30-day

Previous versions

Additional info

Operating system: Windows

Supported languages: English

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